The world is changing around you – But you’ve got this!

You’ve been solving problems and leading the pack for most of your career, but something is different. It’s like you have to prove yourself all over again. You’re not alone. Men and women in leadership roles in other organizations are facing these same challenges. It feels like the “rules” have changed, but no one knows exactly what the new rules are. Gestalt Coaching and Consulting has a strong background in helping individuals and teams smoothly transition through change, within the workplace and in their personal lives.

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One-on-one custom coaching for high-level leadership individuals seeking to up their game as they face the challenges of a changing work culture.

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Sourcing and coaching top millennial talent, allowing for seamless transition into your organization.

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Facilitating business process or organizational change and the related cultural transformation that is required.

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Join other executives and leaders in a workshop designed to strengthen your role as a mature leader in today’s transitional culture.

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“Working with Gestalt Coaching & Consulting has broadened my perspective and changed my paradigm as to understanding the new generation that will soon be taking over our world. Understanding Millennials and Gen Zs and how they envision their career paths has helped me appreciate their perspectives and tremendous talent. Without the help of Gestalt Coaching & Consulting, I would have continued to misunderstand and miss out on the valuable contribution of these up-and-coming productive generations.”

– Douglas W Helm, CPA(I) CIRA CGMA

“Gestalt Coaching & Consulting displayed extraordinary individual and departmental interaction that allowed for compliance with the requirements and related systems. The energy and efficacy of foundational knowledge allowed the Gestalt team to participate with both groups and individuals which allowed for effective transition.”

– Michael C. Willis, M.D.


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